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Ruins Of The Working Class features a sample of letterbased graffiti painted in Turku, Finland and its neighbouring regions during 1994-2021. It also shares a light on local history and the widespread destruction of industrial architecture and other infrastructure. Focusing on letterstyles painted on walls and trains and local working class history the book conveys a personal journey filled with emotions, experiences and friendship over the last 25 years.

It is a hardcover book sized at 295x235 mm and containing over 200 pages and +300 images. The first edition of 500 copies will be available in May 12th 2021. Get yours!

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Ruins Of The Working Class is a great new book from Turku, Finland 🇫🇮 It features graffiti from the oldest finnish city from 1994 to 2020 and reflects and comments heavily on how the city and the graffiti enviroments have changed over these 26 years. Its a real refreshing angle in the never ending flood of graffiti book releases. Also, how often do you get a quality graffiti book where you havent seen any of the pieces before? I hadn't, and Finland always bring something unique to the table. Self published by writers, A4 hardcover, 200 pages, text in English, limited to 500 copies, highly recommended!

Lars Pedersen@larscopenhagen

Ruins of the Working Class is one of many books about a local graffiti scene. But it does something quite unusual. For me the before unseen and high quality styles of Turku are interesting. The photos are equally beautiful and the texts well written. Together they create a synergy effect and show a bigger picture. A picture of Turku of yesterday and today, which gives the ruins so many graffiti writers prefer, a history and an identity. But also a picture of the western world post-world war two. Ruins of the Working Class is the book equivalent of a great documentary movie. It's like reading a work by Adam Curtis. Check it out!

Tobias LindbladDokument Press